Top 8 Ophthalmologists in Calgary, AB

If you are living in Calgary and searching for the best Ophthalmologists near me; this article is for you.

Eyesight is the most potent blessing a human being has. A slight variation in the functioning of our eyes can turn our whole life upside down. As such, regular exams by an eye specialist are important that can help detect a variety of Ocular health issues.

That’s why we’ve pulled out a list comparing some of the top eye clinics that offer comprehensive eye care from routine check-ups to surgical treatments.

The Ophthalmologists have been handpicked exclusively based on Clinic History, Public Reviews, Location, Range of Services, Cost, Discounts (if any), Customer Engagement, and Awards & Recognition among other rating factors.

Here are the highly-rated Ophthalmologists in Calgary, Alberta, CA:

  1. Mitchell Eye Centre – Dr. Robert Mitchell
  2. Gimbel Eye Centre – Dr. John Van Westenbrugge
  3. North Hill Eye Clinic – Dr. Chrissy Hines
  4. Rockyview Eye Clinic – Dr. Chris Hanson
  5. Vector Eye Centre – Dr. Jamie Bhamra
  6. Seema Eye Care Centre – Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghoul
  7. Cloudbreak Eye Care – Dr. Christopher Hanson
  8. Clarity Laser Vision – Dr. Al-Ghoul
Top 8 Ophthalmologists near me in Calgary, AB

1. Mitchell Eye Centre

Mitchell Eye Centre

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORLaser Eye Surgery, Dry Eye Treatment, Refractive Lens Exchange, Cataract Surgery, Retina Surgery, Cosmetic Eye Surgery
TELEPHONE+1 403-258-1773
FAX(403) 258-2704
ADDRESS5340 1 St, Southwest Calgary, AB T2H 0C8, Canada
CLINIC HOURSMon-Fri: 7am – 5pm
RATINGS 4.4 out of 5

Dr. Robert Mitchell of Mitchell Eye Centre is one of the best ophthalmologists in Calgary. After completing his studies at the University of Alberta, Dr. Mitchell established Mitchell Eye Centre in the year 1984.

Dr. Mitchell and his staff have been serving Calgary residents with high-quality eye care treatments using the most current and creative equipment available. In fact, he has lead Mitchell Eye Centre to the forefront of eye care delivery not only in Western part of Canada but across the whole country.

Top Features

  • State-of-the-art eye clinic in Southern Alberta
  • Advanced eye care practices like Retinal lasers, YAG laser suites, ocular coherence tomography (OCT) and many more
  • Offers Advanced PRK Laser Eye Surgery which is much safer than LASIK
  • Highly experienced team of 17 eye surgeons

Service Reviews

Excellent experience with Dr. Mitchell and his staff…

I had an excellent experience with Dr. Mitchell and his staff for my cataract surgery. Less than three months after my original appointment, my procedure was finished. Preoperative and postoperative appointments were all kept on time. The staff is very kind. I had surgery around a year ago, and my vision is still quite good. I really recommend it.

Calvin Mah

2. Gimbel Eye Centre

Gimbel Eye Centre

Rating: 4 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORDry Eye Syndrome, Cataracts, Retinal Diseases, Glaucoma, LASIK Surgery, Photorefractive Keratectomy
OPHTHALMOLOGISTDr. John Van Westenbrugge
TELEPHONE(403) 286-3022
ADDRESS4935 – 40 Avenue, Northwest Calgary, AB T3A 2N1
CLINIC HOURSMon-Fri: 7am – 5pm
Sat-Sun: Closed
RATINGS 3.9 out of 5

The second on the list of best Ophthalmology clinics is Gimbel Eye Centre located in Northwest Calgary. Dr. John van Westenbrugge has played an important role in the expansion and recognition of Gimbel Eye Centre for almost three decades. And he has earned a global reputation as a cataract and refractive surgeon while working at the centre.

Gimbel Eye Centre has always remained at the forefront of new innovations and improved technology. If you’re concerned about dry eye syndrome, cataracts, retinal diseases, and glaucoma among others; they could be your best bet.

This exemplary team of eye doctors have performed 200,000+ LASIK or vision correction procedures and offer a comprehensive array of other eye treatments to help you successfully meet your ocular needs.

Top Features

  • First Canadian advanced Opthalmology centre
  • Ophthalmologists specialised in complex eye treatments
  • Offers LASIK surgery, PRK, and other advanced procedures

Service Reviews

Dr. Westenburrge did a superb job…

I underwent my ICL surgery for my severe myopia two weeks ago. I was first worried about the procedure. I spoke with the technician who conducted the preliminary testing and evaluation before the procedure. With his claim to be an optometrist with international training, he gave off a very knowledgeable impression. There is a $200 non-refundable consultation fee, but if you have surgery within a year, it is deducted from your overall cost. The surgery was carried out by ophthalmologist Dr. Westenburrge, who did a superb job. My anticipations were surpassed. I’d recommend Gimbel Eye Center wholeheartedly.


3. North Hill Eye Clinic

North Hill Eye Clinic Calgary

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FOROcular diseases, LASIK surgery, Vision therapy, Neuro-optometric rehabilitation
TELEPHONE+1 403-216-1221
ADDRESS1632 14 Ave #1691, Northwest Calgary, AB T2N 1M7, Canada
CLINIC HOURSMon: 10am – 6pm
Tue: 11am – 7pm
Wed: Closed
Thu: 10am – 5pm
Fri: 10am – 4pm
Sat: 10am – 5pm
Sun: Closed
RATINGS 4.7 out of 5

Dr. Chrissy Hines is a University of Calgary graduate and an expert Ophthalmologist working at North Hill Eye Clinic in Calgary. Her experiences (mainly in the United States) gave her a broad range of expertise in treating ocular illness, co-managing LASIK surgery, and identifying and treating vision problems using therapy and neuro-optometric rehabilitation.

North Hill Eye Clinic is conveniently located in the North Hill Shopping Centre on 14 Ave NW Calgary. Dr. Hines and her team are best known for delivering expert eye care in a kind and gentle environment. Moreover, each eye exam includes a prescription for glasses, and their contact lenses are affordable and of high quality.

Top Features

  • A friendly and caring atmosphere
  • Competitively priced contact lenses
  • Offer direct insurance billing for Alberta Health Care, Desjardins, Standard Life, Sun Life, Alberta Blue Cross, Manulife, Green Shield, and Great-West Life.

Service Reviews

Outstanding customer service…

Everyone in this clinic was a complete pleasure to be around. Talking with Dr. Chrissy was a pleasure, and we covered all topics. She answered all of my questions and completed my eye exam quickly and painlessly. The receptionist was really friendly and accommodating. I later met Carol at Pearl Vision and was completely swept away once more. I’ll unquestionably recommend this facility to my friends and relatives.

Sara Sandberg

4. Rockyview Eye Clinic

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORCataract, Excessive tearing, Proptosis, Eye tumors, Diabetic retinopathy, Dry eye syndrome, Glaucoma, Macular degeneration, Refractive errors, Strabismus
TELEPHONE+1 403-943-3000
ADDRESS7007 14 St, Southwest Calgary, AB T2V 1P9, Canada
CLINIC HOURSOpen 24 hours
RATINGS 3.5 out of 5

Rockyview Eye Clinic is part of the larger Rockyview General Hospital located at Southwest Calgary. If you find yourself stranded in the middle of the night with an eye emergency, we urge that you should go to Rockyview Hospital and seek for the Eye Clinic section.

Rockyview is Calgary’s by far the only hospital with an on-call ophthalmologist and skilled personnel to address every eye disorder. Besides, if you wind up in another healthcare institution, you will most likely end up taken care by standard physician who sees everything and may not be an expert in dealing with the delicate and detailed eye procedures.

Top Features

  • Part of large Rockyview General Hospital, Alberta
  • Open weekends
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic equipments

Service Reviews

Dr. Munro went above and beyond to determine what was wrong…

The emergency room’s on-call ophthalmologist, Dr. Munro, went above and beyond to determine what was wrong, and my eye specialist, Dr. Bhamra, arrived at 11:30 p.m. to remove the troublesome air bubble from my eye.
Once again, thank you everybody.


5. Vector Eye Centre

Vector eye Ophthamologist Calgary

Rating: 4 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORLASIK, PRK, ICL, Refractive Lens Exchange, Cataract Surgery, Cornea Surgery, Ocular Surface Surgery, Eye Diseases & Disorders, Glaucoma Treatment, Dry Eye Treatment
TELEPHONE+1 403-930-5900
ADDRESS1632 14 Ave, suite 1705, North Hill Centre, Northwest Calgary, AB T2N 1M7
CLINIC HOURSMon-Thu: 8am – 4pm
Fri: 8am – 2pm
Sat-Sun: Closed
RATINGS 4.2 out of 5

Next on the list of Calgary’s best Ophthalmologists is Dr. Jamie Bhamra of Vector Eye Centre. Dr. Bhamra is a board-certified ophthalmologist who specializes in cataract and corneal surgery, refractive surgery, corneal cross-linking, ocular surface disease, and other dry eye diseases.

If we talk about Vector Eye Centre, it is home to industry-leading surgical and medical eye care. Their incredible team of experienced, and dynamic ophthalmologists diagnose and manage all types of eye conditions.

Apart from offering refractive eye surgeries (LASIK, PRK, ICL etc.), they also take good care of  dry eyes, ocular surface disease, cataracts, and glaucoma.

Moreover, this place has multilingual staff well versed in English, Punjabi, Cantonese, Hindi, Polish, Telagu, Mandarin, and Urdu.

Top Features

  • Industry-leading surgical and medical eye care
  • Wide range of refractive eye surgery options available
  • Plenty of free parking for 3-hours

Service Reviews

The operation was quick and painless…

Before I came here, I had a chronic eye condition that my optometrist was unable to treat. I got help from Vector to fix that problem. They suggested ICL surgery because my circumstances prevented me from using contact lenses and prevented me from having laser surgery. Recovery only took two weeks, and the operation was quick and painless. My vision is perfect right now. I don’t need to wear glasses anymore. Throughout the process, they were competent, thorough, and supportive. I passionately urge others to make use of this service.

Ashley K.

6. Seema Eye Care Centre – Cataract, Laser Surgery Calgary

Seema Eye Care Centre - Cataract, Laser Surgery Calgary

Rating: 4 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORCataract surgery, Refractive lens exchange, Corneal transplantation, Corneal Ectasia management, Laser vision correction
TELEPHONE+1 403-253-5300
ADDRESS130-1016 68 Ave, Southwest Calgary, AB T2V 4J2
CLINIC HOURSMon, Wed: 7.30am – 4pm
Tue, Thu, Fri: 8am – 4pm
RATINGS 4.0 out of 5

Seema Eye Care Centre is among the top-notch eye clinics in the city. Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghoul, who is an Ophthalmic surgeon heads the brilliant team of experts in Calgary. Having eye specialists near you that are highly trained to treat any eye disorders, is a big relief.

Seema Eye Care Centre is the leader in vision correction surgeries which include: Cataract Surgery, Cornea Cross Linking, LASIK, PRK, and Refractive Lens Exchange. And don’t fret over referrals because you can schedule an appointment here directly without requiring a referral.

In addition, they also have multilingual staff who speak language like Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, French, Arabic, Tagalog, and Filipino.

Top Features

  • No referrals necessary to schedule an appointment
  • Multilingual office staff that speaks English,Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Filipino

Service Reviews

Shown compassion for my circumstances…

I heartily endorse Seema Eye Care; they were excellent! They have shown a high degree of urgency and understanding in resolving my issue. Everything that was done for me was greatly appreciated. Although there was a delay, the incident was handled professionally and I was shown compassion for my circumstances. I am assured of my superb performance and can now carry out my duties successfully. I appreciate it, Seema and your group.


7. Cloudbreak Eye Care

Cloudbreak Eye Care

Rating: 4 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORGlaucoma diagnostic testing & treatment, Cataract diagnostic testing & treatment, Diabetic Retinopathy
OPHTHALMOLOGISTDr. Christopher Hanson
TELEPHONE+1 403-281-0603
ADDRESS5340 1 St #315, Southwest Calgary, AB T2H 0C8, Canada
CLINIC HOURSMon-Fri: 7:30am – 4pm
RATINGS 3.7 out of 5

Cloudbreak Eye Care is one of Calgary’s most sophisticated Glaucoma and Advanced eye treatment clinics. Dr. Christopher Hanson is the Ophthalmology Residency Program Director at the University of Calgary and the force behind the success of Cloudbreak Eyecare. He is an expert in medical and surgical ophthalmology.

Apart from this, all of their physicians, surgeons and staff are regular participants in the community events and support a wide variety of social activities.

Top Features

  • Wheelchair accessible eye centre
  • Timely surgical care
  • Emergency glaucoma cases are managed within 24 hours

Service Reviews

He has a wealth of knowledge…

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Patrick Gooi since August 2020, and he performed a GATT procedure on my right eye. My right eye has since been better. He has a wealth of knowledge and is glad to address any queries you may have.

Chinedu Ajuruchi

8. Clarity Laser Vision

Clarity Laser Vision

Rating: 5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORCustomized LASIK/PRK/TSA Eye Surgery, Refractive Lens Exchange, Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL)
TELEPHONE+1 587-600-3552
ADDRESS1016 68 Ave #110, Southwest Calgary, AB T2V 4J2, Canada
CLINIC HOURSMon-Fri: 8am – 5pm
Sat-Sun: Closed
RATINGS 4.8 out of 5

Clarity Laser Vision is our next best eye clinic with highly rated ophthalmologists in Calgary. Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghoul is the brain behind Clarity Laser Vision. In fact, he is the pioneer of sophisticated and complex eye care techniques in Alberta.

You’ll have the peace of mind the moment you walk into their modern, luxurious, state-of-the-art facility. Their highly skilled, qualified team can do more than just give outstanding service; they can also lead you through each stage of the process with compassion and empathy. The only downside is, the clinic operates only on weekdays.

Book a free consultation with them to find out more about what’s best for you!

Top Features

  • 24/7 emergency response
  • Zero percent financing options available
  • Free Consultation through an online form
  • Offers Clarity Lifetime Commitment program to give free of charge re-treatment, if needed in the future

Service Reviews

Fantastic eye care specialists…

The work Dr. Al-Ghoul did was excellent! You should all be proud of who you are as an employee. Continue your wonderful effort! A special thank you to Alaina P. for responding to my inquiries, addressing my worries regarding the procedure, and honouring my request to operate on the eye. Looking forward to the completion of the second eye soon!

Kevin Chow

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is ophthalmology covered in Calgary, Alberta?

All eye tests in Calgary, including standard comprehensive annual exams, are covered by Alberta Health for individuals aged 18 and under and 65 and older.

However, Alberta Health provides full coverage for visits for medically necessary eye problems and does not cover eye exams, procedures, or other Ophthalmology services that are received from outside of the province.

2. Do I need a referral to see an ophthalmologist in Calgary, Alberta?

A doctor, nurse practitioner, or optometrist in Calgary must examine you and refer you to see an Ophthalmologist.

They are the ones who can schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist for you. Often, your optometrist will identify eye disorders first, and then recommend you to see an ophthalmic surgeon.

3. Is an optometrist different from an ophthalmologist?

The distinctions between optometry and ophthalmology are often misunderstood. Despite the fact that they both deal with vision care, there are a few prevalent misconceptions about them.

Ophthalmologists and optometrists have different levels of training and domain expertise.

An optometrist is the primary health care provider for routine eye care, while, on the other hand, an ophthalmologist specializes in surgical eye procedures and complex treatments.

3. What diseases does an ophthalmologist treat?

To correct visual difficulties, an ophthalmologist diagnoses and treats all eye disorders, conducts eye surgery, and prescribes and fits eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Best Ophthalmologists in Calgary

Mitchell Eye CentreCalgary SW⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Gimbel Eye CentreCalgary NW⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
North Hill Eye ClinicCalgary NW⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Rockyview Eye ClinicCalgary SW⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Vector Eye CentreCalgary NW⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Seema Eye Care CentreCalgary SW⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Cloudbreak Eye CareCalgary SW⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Clarity Laser VisionCalgary SW⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
List of best Ophthalmologists or Eye Clinics in Calgary


In a nutshell, if you’ve been referred by your physician or optometrist to see an ophthalmologist in Calgary, look no further than these 8 eye clinics.


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