Top 5 Orthodontists in Brampton, ON

Dentists and orthodontists share many similarities, but the latter has additional years of expert training. So it’s best to entrust an orthodontist in Brampton with the care of your teeth if you want to straighten your teeth or improve your bite.

In this article, we present you our top picks for the 5 best Brampton orthodontists near you who can help you get the smile of your dreams.

These orthodontists have been handpicked exclusively based on framework including but not limited to – Clinic History, Public Reviews, Location, Range of Orthodontic Services, Cost of Orthodontic Services, Special Offers, Client Engagement, and Awards & Recognition.

Top 5 Orthodontic experts near me in Brampton, ON

Brampton’s 5 Best Orthodontists

Searching for an orthodontist near me? Here are the 5 top-rated dental practitioners that you could find in Brampton, Ontario, CA:

S. No.Brampton OrthodontistsRatings
1Smileworks Orthodontics4.9/5
2Fernandes Orthodontics4.8/5
3Smile Solutions Orthodontists4.9/5
4Village Orthodontics4.7/5
5Kennedy Dental4.1/5

1. Smileworks Orthodontics

Rating: 5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FOREarly Orthodontic Treatment, Braces, Orthodontic Retention
ORTHODONTISTDr. Mark Rosenblatt
PHONE NUMBER+1 905-454-3433
LOCATION85 Resolution Dr Unit N2, Brampton, ON L6W 0A6, Canada

The first name on our list of best orthodontists is SmileWorks Orthodontics in Brampton. Their goal is to provide patients with the best possible orthodontic care. Plus, their office offers a welcoming setting with competent staff.

Dr. Mark Rosenblatt is the current face behind this clinic. He is an orthodontic specialist in traditional and transparent braces, Damon Smile self-ligating braces, AcceleDent® Aura, and Invisalign® for kids, teens, and adults. They encourage questions at any point during treatment because the whole staff work closely with each patient at every stage.

Apart from this, with their cutting-edge methods and technology, they continuously strive to deliver extraordinary results. Smileworks Orthodontics has more precise tools thanks to their digital imaging and evaluation that help with diagnosis and treatment planning. Before beginning orthodontic treatment, patients and their families can more easily grasp what to anticipate owing to the use of photographic and video imagery.

Make an appointment with Dr. Rosenblatt, the Brampton orthodontist, to begin your path to a beautiful smile!


  • Customize treatment plans to meet the goals and expectations of each individual patient
  • Hospital-grade sterilization equipment and protocols
  • Flexible payment options make treatments affordable
  • Help with your orthodontic insurance approval
  • Staff undergoes education and training on a continual basis


I recently finished my Invisalign treatment and I have nothing but good things to say. I really love Smileworks Orthodontics. The staff are very professional and kind and Dr. Rosenblatt was able to help me achieve my perfect smile. The office environment and atmosphere is very welcoming and positive. They provide excellent service and I highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking of getting Invisalign’s. I’m very happy with the results and the whole Invisalign process went smoothly.The reward cards are also a great idea that keeps you motivated and encourages you through your journey. Smileworks is the best!

– Thamana

My experience with Smileworks Orthodontics was amazing! I had braces for just under 2 years and I am extremely happy with the results! The staff are all very nice and friendly. They always communicated with me about what was happening during the treatment and was great at answering any questions I had. I highly recommend Smileworks Orthodontics and Dr. Rosenblatt to anyone that is looking for a Orthodontist!

– Pratibha

2. Fernandes Orthodontics

Fernandes Orthodontics
Credits: Fernandes Orthodontics

Rating: 5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORInvisalign, Sleep Apnea, Surgical Orthodontics
ORTHODONTISTDr. Richard Fernandes
PHONE NUMBER+1 905-846-2030
LOCATION10025 Hurontario St #9, Brampton, ON L6Z 0E6, Canada

At Fernandes Orthodontics, they take great pleasure in making their patients laugh and smile. Their team, led by orthodontist Dr. Richard Fernandes, works hard to provide a welcoming, kind, and professional atmosphere.

When you are confident in the straightness and beauty of your teeth, you will be happy and laugh freely. So they would love to assist you in feeling better about your appearance and enhancing your oral health. Moreover, your comfort, objectives, and clinical needs are their top concerns, and their team members prioritise you above everything else.

Another highlight is that Dr. Fernandes will create a personalised treatment strategy suitable for your particular requirements. This guarantees the most relaxing, efficient, and fast procedure for you, along with the most amazing smile as a consequence.

At their office in Brampton, Ontario, orthodontic consultations are provided without charge. Patients from Georgetown, Caledon, and other communities are treated by them.


  • Provide a complimentary consultation
  • Has a wide service reach
  • State of the art diagnostic equipment


From my experience thus far regarding my treatment – through the initial consultation to the application of my braces -I felt I was in good hands by Dr. Fernandes and his staff.

The quality of service matters in creating a positive experience for patients. The type of service received truly does have an impact and makes a difference. With that being said, the excellent quality of service offered here is noticed and acknowledged. It is very much a welcoming environment, a positive atmosphere, a safe and comfortable space, and consists of warm, friendly, and caring staff. With my service so far, I have been treated gently, respectfully, and professionally, and made to feel that I am supported and cared for with my unique needs/concerns. And this has made a tremendous difference for me through this treatment process. The quality of service is exemplified in many ways and you can abundantly see it put into practice. I can see the passion for the work that is done here! Keep doing what you are doing and making a great, positive, meaningful difference for your patients!

– Jasmine

I just got my braces off and I love my teeth! The time line, expectations, and procedure was the exact same as the original consult. I’ve been getting complements everyday about my teeth and I’m so happy with the results. I went to other consults with different orthos but I went with Dr. Fernandes because of the professionalism I experienced from this office. The staff are super accommodating and nice. I would highly suggest going with this office.

– Shweta

3. Smile Solutions Orthodontists

Rating: 5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORBraces, Invisalign, Two-Phase Treatment
PHONE NUMBER+1 905-789-8888
LOCATION150 Great Lakes Dr Unit #135, Brampton, ON L6R 2K7, Canada

You are treated like family and welcomed as a friend at Smile Solutions Orthodontists!

Their five Certified Brampton orthodontists provide orthodontic treatment that is personalised for you. In addition to this, with the help of qualified staff, they make sure your treatment is speedy and comfortable and gives you the gorgeous, healthy smile you deserve.

Since 1969, they have treated families from Mississauga and Brampton, Ontario, and they are proud to be caring for the third generation of patients now.

To learn more, please schedule a complimentary in-person consultation, at our Mississauga or Brampton, ON orthodontic office, or  virtual consultation, today!


  • Has been in practice for more than 30 years
  • Has treated 5000+ patients with braces
  • Family-friendly and patient-centred practice
  • At-home dental monitoring, virtual consultations, and text messaging to keep in touch
  • Also offer complimentary consultations with no dental referrals needed


So finally I got my braces off after about 2 years and I could definitely say it was a pleasant experience to have! From the orthodontist to the receptionist, everyone at the office is very friendly and welcoming and it was never a dull experience. I would definitely recommend smile solutions, the team in general is knowledgeable, caring, supportive, you name it; I was certainly in good hands and my teeth are straighter than ever and I’m obsessed! 🙂

– Emily

Our experience has been great. We would recommend anyone to Dr. Black and Dr. Eckler. The minute you walk in the door, everyone in their office makes you feel very comfortable. Young kids typically do not enjoy going to an orthodontist, my son enjoyed going because of the friendly, kind office it is and the fun games he could play while sitting to see the Dr. You never had to wait – you would be seen at your scheduled appointment time. Thank you to the entire office for making a not so pleasant experience a very pleasant experience.

– Nil

4. Village Orthodontics

Rating: 5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORClear Aligners, Braces, Emergency Services
PHONE NUMBER+1 905-453-2440
LOCATION49 Hillcrest Ave #102, Brampton, ON L6W 4V4, Canada

Village Orthodontics is a renowned name in Canada. They always have an orthodontist waiting for you at one of their eight locations across Ontario, whether you’re thinking about treatment for yourself or your child.

Furthermore, their caring orthodontists offer services ranging from TMD prevention to SureCure Aligner Solutions in an effort to make you feel and look your best. This local business has a presence across Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Guelph, and Niagara Falls.

Village Orthodontics is comprised of nine practice locations which all specialize in orthodontic solutions for children and adults.


  • Has an exclusive Smile Rewards Program
  • Village Orthodontics mobile app keeps you directly connected wherever you are
  • Use of latest technology to properly diagnose and recommend the best treatment plan


Village Orthodontics is an excellent place for your Dentals needs especially braces. The Orthodontist is very professional and experienced. You will achieve confidence and better smiles every after treatment/visits. Receptionist are good and always greet us with smiles. I highly recommend Village Orthodontics for all your Dental needs.

– Editha

Village Orthodontics is a professional orthodontic clinic with excellent customer service and experienced, knowledgeable staff. Both my sons, and myself have had a wonderful experience with Michelle, Dr. Lekht and all of their staff.

– Sia

5. Kennedy Dental

Rating: 5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FOREndodontics, Orthodontics, Invisalign
ORTHODONTISTDr. Jessica Nardone
PHONE NUMBER+1 905-453-2440
LOCATION49 Hillcrest Ave #102, Brampton, ON L6W 4V4, Canada

Lastly, Kennedy Dental is yet another top-rated Brampton dental office and orthodontic practice. They offer a full array of dental & orthodontic services, truly committed to offering the best dental, periodontal and orthodontic care available.

You can count on Kennedy Dental & Orthodontics to be there for your smile when you need them most, especially with their emergency dentistry service and flexible business hours.

Dr. Jessica Nardone and her team offer Invisalign® Invisible Aligners, which are clear plastic aligners that are available in a range of materials, including ceramic and nickel-titanium for traditional braces.

To learn more about their orthodontic treatment options, or to book a consultation with their certified orthodontist Dr. Jessica Nardone, contact their Brampton dental clinic.


  • Has served the Brampton community for over 15 years
  • Also offers multiple methods of sedation and sleep dentistry
  • Staff constantly participates in seminars and conferences on cutting-edge medical procedures, cutting-edge technology, and top-notch patient care techniques.


I have been here a couple of times and on each visit, I have been treated well and have been fully satisfied with the services. The front desk is very polite and helpful, well-qualified staff with enough room to treat patients. Well explained with the procedure before initiating any treatment and explained well in advance for the precaution, post completion of treatment/surgery. Dr. K.J is well experienced and treats patients very patiently. I would highly recommend this place and thank Kennedy Dental & Orthodontics for all their services.

– Sunil

Dr. Nardone and the staff at this clinic are the best in their field of ortho, very friendly when you walk in and Gina is always there to help you with your scheduling and any administrative stuff. Happy with the quality of service and can’t wait to see my smile after taking off my braces.

– Marven

Phase I v/s Phase II Orthodontic Treatment

Phase I and Phase II are the most commonly heard treatment types When you go and see an Pediatric orthodontist in Brampton.

Before all of a child’s permanent teeth erupt, Phase-I orthodontic therapy, also known as early interceptive treatment, is performed. This operation frequently takes place between the ages of six and ten. Pediatric orthodontists typically suggest this kind of therapy when there is a likelihood that a kid will experience a moderate or severe orthodontic issue early in life and waiting is not advised.

On the other hand, what the majority of us are familiar with is Phase-II orthodontic treatment. When braces are affixed to either the top or lower teeth, Phase-II begins. In addition to filling in gaps and straightening out misaligned teeth, this phase also addresses issues with an overbite or underbite. Phase-Two normally starts when a child is 11 or 12. While some kids may need to wear braces for up to four years, others with less severe problems might just need to do so for a year or so.

About Brampton Orthodontist

A remarkable patient experience is made up of excellent personal service, state-of-the-art orthodontic equipment, and a stimulating environment. And this is what we look for in an orthodontist before we list them on our portal.

To sum things up, if you’re looking for affordable orthodontic care in Brampton and nearby, you may count on these 5 Best Orthodontists.

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