Top 5 Dentists for Emergency Dental Care in Abbotsford, BC

Take a glimpse at our top picks for the 5 Best Emergency Dentists in Abbotsford, BC that can offer immediate relief when you need it the most.

The dentists have been handpicked exclusively based on factors including but not limited to – Clinic History, Public Reviews, Location, Range of Dental Services, Cost of Dental Services, Special Offers, Client Engagement, and Awards & Recognition.

Top 5 Dentists for Emergency Dental Care near me in Abbotsford, BC

Abbotsford’s 5 Best Emergency Dentists

Here are the five top-rated dental practitioners that you could find in Abbotsford, British Columbia:

1Lifetime Dental at Sevenoaks4.7/5
2Clayburn Dental4.5/5
3Townline Dental4.5/5
4Dedicated Dental Care4.3/5
5Allwood Dental4.8/5

1. Lifetime Dental at Sevenoaks

Rating: 5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORDental Emergencies
EMERGENCY DENTISTDr. Robert (Bob) Letnick
PHONE NUMBER+1 778-860-6765
LOCATIONSevenoaks Shopping Center, 32900 South Fraser Way Unit 206, Abbotsford, BC V2S 5A1, Canada

This place has one of the best emergency dental care providers in Abbotsford. The staff at Lifetime Dental at Sevenoaks has been conveniently serving patients as a family dentist in Abbotsford, British Columbia, since 1975.

They provide a wide range of family dentistry services that improve and safeguard your smile, as well as emergency dental care that can save your day. Moreover, you can protect your smile from harm and decay, have it restored, or have cosmetic dentistry procedures done to improve it.

Dr. Bob is a renowned dental specialist and a strong proponent of doing things correctly the first time when it comes to the way he offers dental care.

You can completely rely on their expertise, whether you’re looking for a new family dentist or you need an emergency dentist for immediate treatment.


Excellent friendly service! I called in the morning for an emergency and they had me in within a few hours. I would highly recommend 👌

Catherine Murray

2. Clayburn Dental

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORDental Emergencies
PHONE NUMBER+1 604-852-8487
LOCATION3033 Immel St #400, Abbotsford, BC V2S 6S2, Canada

Clayburn Dental is yet another top-notch emergency dentist in Abbotsford. They have been providing services in the neighbourhood for more than two decades now.

The staff at Clayburn Dental takes great pride in offering you and your family a wide range of dental services. So whatever your needs are, you are covered!

Apart from this, they are available seven days a week, and in fact, they have recently renovated the Abbotsford dentist’s office. It is now well-equipped to assist you with the high-quality emergency dental care you require.


It was a great experience. I was in lot pain and was so happy to get emergency appointment on the same day. My dentist Dr. Sahi Mangat did everything to make me comfortable during the tooth extraction and filling procedure . Highly recommend this place for any dental problems.

Jeevan Bains

3. Townline Dental

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORDental Emergencies
PHONE NUMBER+1 604-744-1513
LOCATION3670 Townline Rd #102, Abbotsford, BC V2T 5W8, Canada

Be sure to check in at Towline Dental if you want family or aesthetic dentistry in Abbotsford. They guarantee that you will receive the best care possible under the most advanced dental technologies. Moreover, they continually enhance their resources and expertise since they are committed lifetime learners in the field of oral healthcare.

When someone has a dental emergency, they need prompt care from someone reliable and experienced. Rest assured, Townline Dental’s staff is on hand to handle any dental emergencies.

Visit this dentist’s office, where they will perform a complete evaluation and lead you through both short- and long-term dental treatments to guarantee that your full dental health is restored.


Dr Mavi is very professional, patient and caring. Receptionist squeezed time for my emergency visit. Thank you Townline dental for your caring approach. 🙏

Jasdeep Singh Kandhola

4. Dedicated Dental Care

Dr. Patrick Kanda & Dr. Mike Nicholls Emergency Dentists at Abbotsford, BC
Dr. Patrick Kanda & Dr. Mike Nicholls

Rating: 5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORDental Emergencies
EMERGENCY DENTISTSDr. Patrick Kanda & Dr. Mike Nicholls
PHONE NUMBER+1 604-852-5067
LOCATION2881 Garden St #140, Abbotsford, BC V2T 4X1, Canada

Dedicated Dentist Care is a family-oriented dental office dedicated to offering top-notch dental care in a welcoming, considerate, and professional setting. Emergency dentists are known to take a patient-centred approach and use comprehensive and long-lasting dentistry by fusing the most recent evidence-based information.

The only downside is that they can handle all your emergencies during regular business hours only. You may call their office if you are not already one of their patients, and they will do everything to schedule an appointment for you at the earliest date and time.


I have had extensive dental work done with Dr. Kanda and his team, from root canals, extraction, and implants. I’m a high anxiety patient, and they truly have earned my trust. The patient care, from the front desk, through any procedure, to the follow up has been truly stellar. I am very lucky to be treated with such professionalism and kindness. Thank you!

Laura Yee

5. Allwood Dental

Rating: 5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORDental Emergencies
PHONE NUMBER+1 604-746-3535
LOCATION32615 South Fraser Way #335, Abbotsford, BC V2T 1X8, Canada

Last but not least, the staff at the Allwood Dental Clinic offers thorough dental care and unwavering service to residents of Abbotsford and the surrounding area. Given that they are among Abbottsford’s top emergency dentists, they work hard to hold onto that reputation.

In order to guarantee that patients receive prompt care within their regular clinic hours, they have an emergency dental care policy. And what’s best is, Wheelchair accessibility is also available in their workplace.

You can be confident that they will address your worries and, if required, set up an urgent appointment with one of their dentists.


Dr. Hans is an excellent dentist. She is so kind and friendly. She is very knowledgeable and answers all my questions. She has really helped me out a couple of times with emergencies. Her staff are excellent, too. Very friendly and organized. The communication is great. I appreciate their reminders and follow-up. I highly recommend Dr. Hans and her whole office.

Jennifer Henzel

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In a nutshell, if you’re looking for urgent dental care in Abbotsford and nearby, these 5 Emergency Dentists have got you covered.

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