Top 15 Dentists in Regina, SK

The Regina dentists have been handpicked exclusively based on rating factors including but not limited to – Clinic History, Public Reviews, Location, Range of Dental Services, Cost of Dental Services, Special Offers, Client Engagement, and Awards & Recognition.


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Here’s the list of 15 top-rated dental clinics that you could find in Regina, Saskatchewan, CA:

1Victoria Square Dental (East Regina)4.9/5
2Pasqua South Oral Health Clinic (South Regina)4.3/5
3Southland Dental Clinic of Regina4.4/5
4Regina Dental Group – Cornwall Dental4.6/5
5Windsor Park Dental Office4.8/5
6Aspire Dental Regina4.7/5
7Signature Smiles4.5/5
8Capital Corner Dental4.9/5
9Aura Dental4.7/5
10Downtown Dental Centre4.8/5
11Simpli Dental4.6/5
12Fourth Avenue Dental4.4/5
13Eastgate Dental Clinic4.7/5
14East End Dental4.4/5
15Normanview Dental4.2/5
15 Best Regina Dentist Near Me
Top 15 Dentist near me in Regina, SK

1. Victoria Square Dental (East Regina)

Logo of Victoria Square Dental in East Regina
Victoria Square Dental in East Regina

Rating: 5 out of 5.
DENTISTDr. Kevin Soltys
PHONE NUMBER+1 306-789-5959
LOCATION2223 Victoria Ave E #47, Regina, SK S4N 6E4, Canada

Victoria Square Dental Reviews

Dr.Gupta and RC (sorry if that is spelt wrong) were amazing! I am an anxious patient when it comes to being at the dentist, and I had a tooth extracted, they both made the experience painless and easy!

Having a dentist and assistant that truly care about their patient is rare to find, but Dr.Gupta and RC take their job seriously and have compassion for their patients. Highly recommend both!!! Thank you again for understanding my anxiety and making it an easy procedure!


2. Pasqua South Oral Health Clinic (South Regina)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
DENTISTDr. Stéfan M. Piché
PHONE NUMBER+1 306-584-2125
LOCATION4002 Pasqua St, Regina, SK S4S 6X2, Canada

Pasqua South Oral Health Clinic Reviews

This was the first appointment in many, MANY years that I have not left in tears or continued to feel anxious upon departure. In the past, it would take a lot of courage for me to make the call to book an appointment. Then I would book one for several months after the call just to prepare myself. I can honestly say, I look forward to my next appointment.

Kudos for using up-to-date technology and procedures – efficiency and effectiveness are critical factors for those like me. The fact current technologies are used demonstrates care and commitment to patient’s oral health and well-being.

Thank you Dr. Barker, the kind and calm demeanored dental assistant and hygienist (Dolores) and front of office staff.

Staff are prompt, gentle, and demonstrate care and understanding.


3. Southland Dental Clinic of Regina

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORGeneral Dentistry, Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry
DENTISTDr. Kelly Rusteika
PHONE NUMBER+1 306-352-6188
LOCATION2905 Gordon Rd, Regina, SK S4S 6H7, Canada

Southland Dental Clinic of Regina Reviews

Safe to say I’ve found my new dentist. Thanks Dr. Rusteika!

I Called yesterday morning because my wisdom teeth have been a problem the receptionists on the phone were extremely helpful and even got me in the very next day for an extraction.

Dr. Rusteika along with his assistants were wonderful and pleasant He explained the steps for the extraction and the aftercare/treatment not even half an hour later i was heading home with no more wisdom tooth pain


4. Regina Dental Group – Cornwall Dental

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
DENTISTDr. Randy Gilewich
PHONE NUMBER+1 306-525-5819
LOCATION2121 Saskatchewan Dr Unit 1D, Regina, SK S4P 4A7, Canada

Regina Dental Group Reviews

From my most recent visit to this office (Aug. 2022) – Always courteous professional staff, however, I was somewhat disappointed that patients are not required to wear masks anymore in the waiting area.

I realize the pandemic has changed and evolved and vaccination rates are high, however, in a health setting, I believe mandatory mask-wearing is still necessary as we are not out of this pandemic yet.

Luc Klassen

5. Windsor Park Dental Office

Windsor Park Dental Office in Regina, SK
Windsor Park Dental Office, Regina

Rating: 5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORFamily Dentistry, Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Emergencies
DENTISTDr. Bill Rieger
PHONE NUMBER+1 306-781-7373
LOCATION3125J Woodhams Dr, Regina, SK S4V 2R5, Canada

Windsor Park Dental Office Reviews

Dr. Bill Rieger is an absolutely fantastic dentist. He is very good technically and he is such a wonderful person. He is a very warm, comforting dentist and helps patients overcome their dental anxiety with his calm and caring in his approach.

He also reached out after hours and on his holiday in an emergency! His office is also very good, very efficient and they make you feel like family. 5 stars!!

Karen Moldovan

6. Aspire Dental Regina

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORDental Implants, Dental Emergencies, Dental Restoration, Cosmetic Dentistry, Teeth Whitening, Invisalign, Family Dentistry, Endodontics
DENTISTDr. Lisa Rumpel
PHONE NUMBER+1 306-352-2742
LOCATION2435 E Quance St, Regina, SK S4V 2X8, Canada

Aspire Dental Regina Reviews

I always have a good experience when I go to Aspire Dental. Friendly staff that confirm appointments and are very organized. On my most recent visit another Dentist took time to see me as my Dentist was dealing with a dental emergency.

In addition to that Kim came in to check on me while I waited for the other Dentist which I thought was kind. Also a shout out to my Dental Hygienist that day who did amazing work on cleaning my teeth!

Kim Cullins

7. Signature Smiles

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORChildren’s Dentist, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Bonding, Dental Bridge, Dental Mouth Guard, Dentist For Seniors, Emergency Dentist, Family Dentistry
DENTISTSDr. Greg Konotopetz
PHONE NUMBER+1 306-584-2833
LOCATION3291 Quance St, Regina, SK S4V 3B7, Canada

Signature Smiles Reviews

I was very impressed with Signature Smiles. They made my daughter’s first visit a huge success! Megan was kind, compassionate and came down to my daughter’s level to make her feel comfortable. Megan made my daughter’s visit to the dentist a fun one. She’s been talking about the dentist all day and how she can’t wait to go back. Thanks so much.

See you in the next visit!

Lisa Mann

8. Capital Corner Dental

Rating: 5 out of 5.
DENTISTDr. Anokhi Patel
PHONE NUMBER+1 306-949-3333
LOCATION4307 Rochdale Blvd, Regina, SK S4X 4R3, Canada

Capital Corner Dental Reviews

Simply one of the best all-around experiences my family and I have experienced. Excellent customer service, the staff are friendly and pay attention to details. Great dental services, the Doctors are open, explain all options and together we decided the best affordable procedure(s) for us.

I highly recommend Capital Corner Dental to anyone, especially first timers.


9. Aura Dental

Outside view of Aura Dental Clinic
Aura Dental Clinic, Regina

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORExtractions and Dental Surgery, Dentures, Teeth Whitening, Esthetic Dentistry, Night Guards, Mouth Guards – Sports and Grinding, Sedation, Appliances
DENTISTDr. Wallace Truong
PHONE NUMBER+1 306-205-1012
LOCATION1709 Winnipeg St, Regina, SK S4P 1G1, Canada

Aura Dental Reviews

Dr Wallace Truong and the team he has build at Aura Dental are just awesome. They really work to lead the way with advancing technology and techniques, providing more and better options for addressing my teeth/jaw concerns that were less than optimally addressed earlier in my life. Willing to answer questions and problem solve to find the best solutions for me!

Laura Stark

10. Downtown Dental Centre

Dr. Dennis Dodds – Regina Downtown Dental Centre

Rating: 5 out of 5.
DENTISTDr. Dennis Dodds
PHONE NUMBER+1 306-525-0116
LOCATION2010 11th Ave #550, Regina, SK S4P 0J3, Canada

Downtown Dental Centre Reviews

Kim Smith (a fabulous lactation consultant in Regina) directed me to Dr Dodds to laser my baby’s tongue and lip tie. The whole process was wonderful. The team was amazing and efficient. Dr Dodds was so kind, provided a great education for the aftercare and was very professional.

From one healthcare professional to another, I can not recommend Dr Dodds and the team at Downtown Dental enough!


11. Simpli Dental

IG: Simpli Dental

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORCosmetic Dentistry, Dental Appliances, Dental Bridges, Crowns, Fillings Dental Implants, Dentures, Emergency Dental, Extractions, Orthodontics
DENTISTDr. Blake Mitchell
PHONE NUMBER+1 306-520-4473
LOCATION108 Victoria Ave, Regina, SK S4N 0P3, Canada

Simpli Dental Reviews

Blake and the whole team at Simply Dental are amazing! The business model the practice is built around should be a shining example to other dentists out there! There is no fancy waiting room, TV and other unnecessary things. Instead, you check in electronically, and almost immediately you’re going in for your appointment!

I had neglected my teeth for far too long, and could not be happier with my decision to go try Simply Dental. The prices are very reasonable, the staff is fantastic, and Blake is one of the most sincere, down to earth dentists I’ve ever met!


12. Fourth Avenue Dental

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORCheck-ups and Cleanings, Fillings, Crowns, Root Canal Treatment, Extractions and Dental Surgery, Dentures, Teeth Whitening, Veneers, Esthetic Dentistry
DENTISTDr. Swati Sabharwal
PHONE NUMBER+1 306-205-1010
LOCATION1005 Albert St, Regina, SK S4R 2P9, Canada

Fourth Avenue Dental Reviews

Long story short, I have not been to a dental clinic for many years- I was scared, nervous and would rely on over the counter meds for tooth problems.

After the pain I endured this time I finally went into a dental clinic(after 12 years). Walking in i was nervous, self conscious and overall scared not to lie. The staff, and everyone at this facility went above and beyond to help me understand what work I would need to fix my teeth. They promptly answered any questions I had, and they made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.

This place is simply amazing and I cannot express my gratitude enough. Thanks again.

Jordan Stone

13. Eastgate Dental Clinic

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORRoot Canal Treatment, Dental Crowns, Dental Sealant, Preventative Dentistry, Fillings
DENTISTDr. Tracie McCracken
PHONE NUMBER+1 306-789-5057
LOCATION3710 Eastgate Dr #13, Regina, SK S4Z 1A5, Canada

Eastgate Dental Clinic Reviews

I have been using east gate dental for quite some time now. I think about 4 years or so. I have never had a bad experience and am extremely pleased to have found them. Everyone in the office treats me well and in a prompt fashion.

I am old enough to know there is nothing to fear about going to the dentist but until I found Dr. Tracie McCracken and her staff my childhood fear remained with me. Now I am fine thanks to their understanding and compassion.

Barry Caleval

14. East End Dental

IG: Dr. Sandi Beug – East End Dental Clinic, Regina

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORGeneral, Emergency, Cosmetic and Family Dentistry
DENTISTDr. Sandi Beug
PHONE NUMBER+1 306-781-7011
LOCATION2069 Park St, Regina, SK S4N 6S2, Canada

East End Dental Reviews

Dr Beug and the staff at East End Dental are great to deal with. I am very nervous when getting dental work done. The staff made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a very knowledgeable dentist that makes you feel at ease!


15. Normanview Dental

Rating: 4 out of 5.
BEST KNOWN FORCosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry
DENTISTDr. Abdulla
PHONE NUMBER+1 306-924-8409
LOCATION398 McCarthy Blvd N, Regina, SK S4R 7M2, Canada

Normanview Dental Reviews

Dr. Cho/Jo is an excellent dentist. He was amicable, worked quick, and undoubtedly skilled. I’d highly recommend him, as his rates were fair price-wise and, most of all, he was competent and didn’t waste time. Take it from a guy who’s had more dental work than half the general population combined, he’s a good dentist and you should go see him next time you need a check-up!

Em Tee

Final Thoughts

To sum things up, if you’re looking for the top-rated dental clinics in Regina, Saskatchewan and nearby, look no further than these 15 Best Dentists.

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